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Creative Direction and Photography for Hana Vu's forthcoming album Romanticism

Featuring Julia Roth and Samantha Stumman

Album Cover Creative Direction by Maegan Houang
Photography by Maegan Houang and Christopher Ripley
Vinyl Design by Mary Banas

Produced by Ade Macalinao and Maegan Houang
Costumes by Anne Valliant and Sajida Silva
Production Design by Terry Watson
Set Decoration by Sofie Somoroff
Hair and Makeup by Moung Park
Art Assistance by Grace Perkins, Amelia Roesner and Yuki Tachibe
Digital Painting by Jeff Desom, Matthew Wauhkonen and Eric Epstein
Lighting by Christopher Ripley
Gaffer Greg Loebell
Grip Jake Dugger
Executive Produced by Thelonious Brooks