Maegan Houang

Mǎlì-lián Monroe

Mǎlì-lián Monroe -
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Mǎlì-lián Monroe

Photo series by Maegan Houang featuring Jin Maley
Hair & Make-up by Kelly Park
Styling by Maegan Houang

Featured in I Weigh
Featured in The Marilyn Report
Featured as part of the "Hear Me Thrive" Gallery for the Asian Mental Health Project 2020 Survivors Summit 

Artist Statement
Mǎlì-lián Monroe reconceptualizes iconic white American women as an Asian-American woman wearing traditional Chinese Opera makeup. This photo series explores the masks and costumes Asian-American women wear to balance our own ethnic identities with Eurocentric beauty standards. The photographs oscillate between beautiful and grotesque; honest and theatrical; eye-opening, yet bewildering. As a mixed-race Asian-American woman, I like many, constantly ponder the in-between.