Maegan Houang

"Keeper" by Hana Vu

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"Keeper" by Hana Vu

Directed by Maegan Houang

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Director's statement: “When I listened to ‘Keeper,’ I thought about how we’re all trapped by different societal expectations — whether it’s from work, family, friends or the devil inside ourselves. I wanted to make a video that expressed the feeling of not being seen when all you really want to do is explode. By shooting the video in a single take we never let the audience off the hook. Just like Hana, we’re trapped in a cycle of being constantly ignored. I set the film in a family environment because as viewers we usually associate families with a sense of security and safety. The family environment created a contrast to Hana’s bursting performance and underscored the pain of not being visible, even sometimes by your own relatives.

Featured in PasteBoooooom, Stereogum, Promo TV News, Dork, Our Culture

Official Selection SXSW 2022
Official Selection Atlanta Film Festival 2022
1.4 Short List 2022