In Full Bloom

Short Film

A short film starring Kieu Chinh written & directed by Maegan Houang

A project by VSCO Voices

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2019 Atlanta Film Festival Official Selection
2019 LAAPFF Official Selection
2019 CAAMFest Official Selection
Runner up AT&T 2019 Film Awards Futuristic Category
2019 Twister Alley Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Breakthroughs Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Oak Cliff Film Festival Official Selection
Best Fiction Film 2019 Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival
2019 42nd Asian American International Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Traverse City Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Hollyshorts Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival Official Selection
2019 DC Shorts Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Sidewalk Film Festival Official Selection
2019 New Orleans Film Festival Official Selection
2019 Fantastic Fest Official Selection
2019 San Diego Asian American Film Festival Official Selection

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"Unique, quietly arresting. Beautiful production design. The FX are top notch. Seriously impressive style and execution. A combination of surreal storytelling and impressive visual effects, the film presents a strange narrative that's rooted in simplicity and sees it right through without overstaying its welcome. The imagery is unnerving but also kind of adorable in spots, like a live-action Disney movie that has a darker edge than most." - SXSW Rejection Feedback