Photo by Bao Ngo (https://www.bhngo.com/)

Maegan is a writer/director based in Los Angeles, CA.


Interview in From the Intercom

"Chatroom" by Charly Bliss in Directors Notes

VSCO Journal on In Full Bloom / Trailer Premiere

2018 VSCO Voices Creator Grant Recipient

Interview with Access Ventures for VSCO Voices

#3 on Fact Magazine's 10 Best Videos of 2016 List

UKMVA Nomination for Best Pop Video - Newcomer 2016

#13 & #38 in Stereogum's Best Videos of 2016 List

Featured Unsigned Director in 1.4

Two Videos in Promo TV's Best Narrative Videos of 2016

Best Video of the Week in Stereogum

Featured New Director in bkx group

Best Video of the Week in Stereogum

Featured New Director in Shots Magazine

Videostatic's Best Music Videos of January 2016

On 1.4's Long List for Brilliant Filmmaking in 2015

Audience Award at the 2014 Los Angeles Music Video Festival

Directors' Notes

Twitter: @houangm
Instagram: houangm